Lincoln County People Power (LCPP) is a network of local folks who come together around local, state, and national issues of interest.  We came together initially in response to the ACLU's efforts to engage communities across the country in organized efforts to defend civil liberties and voting rights.  More recently, we have become a Rural Organizing Project ("ROP") affiliate.

 A lot of what we do is about learning and sharing information that affects the lives of community members, including:

1. what our sanctuary law means and how it translates into a healthy relationship between our law enforcement officers and community members,

2. who has the right to vote, and how to overcome roadblocks to voting, and

3. how vilification of targeted groups leads to mass incarceration of innocent people and benefits the for-profit prison industry, and what we can do about that. 

Currently our focus is on the upcoming election, and we invite community members to join us as we exercise our very American right to discourse, information sharing, and peaceful activism. 

Check out:

*Our Current Activites page to find out what we’re currently working on

* Our Resources page for links to the ROP Voters'  Guide for rural Oregon (not the one

   you get in the mail); fact sheets, mythbusters, and talking points about immigrants and

   immigration; and a short documentary about NORCOR. 

* Our Calendar for upcoming meetings, events, and other activities

* Our Do-It-Yourself Activism page page for ideas for people who prefer to do their

   activisim in their own time and own way.

* Our Past Activities and Events page for photos, videos, and other good stuff about

   things we've done in the past. 

* Our Contact Us page to ask to join our mailing list, ask questions, or share feedback.